Following up on last weeks assignment, Dr. Z had us create a lesson plan using the TPACK information we have been reading about.  Since I am not a teacher but I am a coach, I did mine on volleyball.


TPACK Lesson Plan Template  



Title: Serving a volleyball

Summary: 6th grade players will learn the technique required to serve a volleyball overhand.  

First, we played a game to discover 5 different TPACK sets:

  1. Social Skills, Portfolio, PPT
    1. Social skills do play a role in volleyball as a game, but not in serving itself.  Creating a portfolio might be like a scrape book of the season.  We could easily create a PPT outlining the steps of serving a volleyball.
  1. Compare and Contrast, Compare and Contrast, Office 365
    1. I believe there was a typo in the game and compare and contrast should not be here twice. We could compare and contrast different serves to figure out what works best for the player.  Office 365 might be useful in stats during a game but I’m not sure how I would use it to teach a serve.
  2. Social Skills, Modeling, Word
    1. Social skills do play a role in volleyball as a game, but not in serving itself.  We can model good serves to learn. We can have a player that is doing it correct help other players for peer modeling.  Word is not a very useful tool except maybe to document the steps that should be taken to serve.
  3. Compare and Contrast, Analyze Data, MobyMax
    1.  We could compare and contrast different serves to figure out what works best for the player.  We can analyze the data as far as how many serves were successful and then look to see what steps were taken in each of the successful serves.  Unless I did a written type assessment, MobyMax doesn’t work here.
  4. Collaboration, Analyze Data, Wiki
    1. We could have the players work together to watch videos and determine what works best. I am not sure what data they would analyze in this case.  We could setup a wiki for the players to comment to each other – all positive to encourage good sportsmanship and moral.


My Lesson:

Primary Core Goals/Outcomes: 21.6–8.HL.5

Essential Concept and/or Skill: Demonstrate behaviors that foster healthy, active lifestyles for individuals and the benefit of society.

Achieve and maintain health enhancing level of physical activity.


  • Develop, implement and evaluate goals for physical health.
  • Engage in activities to improve cardio–vascular and muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.


Practice preventive health behaviors.


  • Practice appropriate and effective stress management.
  • Analyze risk factors and make healthy choices.
  • Implement a plan reflecting healthy food choices.
  • Implement behaviors that contribute to holistic wellness for individuals, families and communities.



Intended Learning Outcomes: The players will learn the importance of physical and mental strength of the volleyball game and in particular, serving.  They will learn to control their emotions when serving.  They will explore the benefits healthy food choices can make on their endurance during the game.


Pedagogical Decisions:


  • It is more teacher centered.  There is specific technique and health choices that will be taught by lecture and example.  There will be some student centered through evaluation of video.
  • The learning is convergent.  Each player needs to know the specific steps and physical and emotional requirements.
  • Students will have some prior knowledge from PE classes and general health courses.
  • The lesson will give students a deep understanding of technique.  There is not a lot to go over, but it will take a lot of time to be able to perform it.  The emotional and physical health will be ongoing life skills.
  • The players will learn while in practice but they are expected to perfect their technique through practice outside of class and they are expected to live healthy lifestyles outside of class.
  • It will be structured learning.  The players will all go through the motions with the coach and they will learn why they are doing each move.  
  • The whole group will learn together, but then individual instruction will be given to each player as I observe their serve and emotional and physical habits.
  • A volleyball and net are required.



TPACK Activity Types: I will use ‘Coach’s Eye’ to video tape the players.  I will use fitbits to give physical activity feedback and I will have individual talks with students to discuss their emotional control.


Assessment Plan: Tell how you will measure students’ achievement of the intended learning outcomes.  State whether the assessment will be formative or summative.

I will have the students assess themselves on the video and then I will add my comments.  I want them to be able to pick out their own mistakes.  This will be formative.

The fitbit and discussion will be formative.

The summative piece will come when we sit down and discuss all three together to decide how the player can improve.



Used by the Teacher:  Volleyball, net, iPad


Used by the Students: Volleyball, net, iPad



Used by the Teacher: iPad


Used by the Students: iPad


Instructional Procedures:

The coach will verbally give instruction on how to serve a volleyball – Float Serve.  

Left foot in front of right shoulder width apart

Hold ball at eye level with left hand on the bottom with right hand on top (for right handed person)

Toss just high enough that when you pull back right arm, the hand contacts the ball on its downward swing

Toss ball with left hand

Pull back right arem as far as possible

Swing but not all the way through – stop when right arm contacts the ball

The coach will show, in slow motion, how to serve a volleyball but doing the steps above.

The coach will show a serve in live motion.

The technology will be used to capture the coach serving.

Players will model serving in slow motion using the steps outlined above

Players will attempt serves

The technology will be used to capture the player serving.


Once the serve is captured, the players have the opportunity to view their serve and the coaches.  The players write down areas they can improve.

Coach watches the serve and uses Coach’s Eye to give feedback the player can watch over and over.


The coach groups the fitbit activity for the team and determines if anyone is not achieving adequate fitness level.  The coach addresses this with the players that need to improve by speaking with them individually.


Coach observes the players during practice and games.  The coach takes note of players who crumble under pressure and addresses on an individual basis.


At the end of the season, the coach uses the videos throughout the year, the fitbit information and observations to write a report and discuss with each player to come up with the best workout plan (physical and mental) for the player to be as successful as possible in the following year.


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